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How Much Does It Cost To Maintain a Pool?

Pool Maintenance and Service Cost

Most homeowners know that buying a pool is the first step of payment, and it doesn’t stop there. There are other on going payments you have to keep up with to inquire a working swimming pool. The costs are much less compared to when first building your pool, but costs vary.

Why Do Costs Vary

Size: The size of your pool definitely will change the cost of maintenance. the bigger the pool the more the cost due to the chemical treatment you have to deal with. Water treatment is the number one thing and biggest thing you have to keep up with when dealing with a pool.

Amount of use: If you own a pool and use it year round there’s going to be a higher cleaning rate. You also have to imagine how many people are using it and how often. If you’re a homeowner and have changing seasons where you can’t use your pool some months are going to be higher in cost than others, but also with the months off you have to keep up with cleaning  maintenance.

Linear: With pool liners vinyl is more caused by damage and needs more replacing than others. Fiberglass is more algae prone and needs to be cleaned more often than others.

Additional features: There are more features that cost you money more than others like, solar heaters or salt water systems don’t continue to cost you money, but waterfalls, slides and even diving boards do.

From these few varying costs hopefully you can determine about how much your pool will continue to cost you.

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